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As you probably know (or will soon find out),

planning a wedding is a big job. Many hours can be spent discussing and planning even the smallest of details.

Let Us Entertain You!

You want everything to be perfect. And it should be. Your wedding dance is the celebration of your special day. Too often when making a decision about the single longest event of a wedding day - the dance - only passing consideration is given to the DJ. Take the appropriate time to ensure your choice of a disc jockey reflects its importance. Here's a step by step guide for finding Top Professional DJ's in Nova Scotia, and what to look for once you've found them.


Getting Started



What to Look for & What Questions to Ask Now that you’ve compiled a list of the Top Wedding DJ services in Halifax or your area, you should contact each and begin the important task of choosing the one that’s right for you. Our Wedding Dance Planner will help with the usual questions that a Professional DJ service should ask when helping with the planning of your special day. Here’s a list of other things to look for and questions to ask:




You don’t want any “surprises” on your wedding day. A written and signed contract ensures that your disc jockey is aware of all of the mutually agreed details of your wedding dance. Make certain you keep a copy for your records. A basic contract should cover the following areas: function date & location; contact name at function location; bride’s & groom’s name; addresses and phone numbers for all parties; services to be provided (music, lighting, etc.); cost, including whether a deposit is required; hours of service; cost for additional time and music requests. Ask to have a sample contract sent before you make a decision.




Your DJ should arrange to set up their equipment and do appropriate sound checks prior to your guests arriving for the reception. This will ensure that there is a smooth transition into the wedding dance. Ask your disc jockey when they set up their equipment.


Disc Jockey


Every wedding dance deserves a DJ who has the experience and professionalism to handle the multiple demands of such an occasion. You should look for someone who is professional, experienced and understands the importance of customer service. This includes areas such as playing for the crowd and not from a pre-determined play list, dressing for the occasion, using the microphone only when and where appropriate, and volume control to ensure that the music is loud enough to make dancing comfortable yet not so loud as to discourage conversation. Ask your disc jockey service what their policies are on each of these issues.




A wedding dance brings together the greatest age range of people you’ll likely ever have together in one room. The need for your DJ to have a selection of music which will appeal to their various musical tastes cannot be overstated. Ask to see a list of music to make certain they have the types of music you want played at your wedding dance. Ask if your DJ pays music royalties? It is only fair to the recording artists that your DJ pays for the music rights. An unlicensed performer can be shut down during an event. Having all the music in the world doesn’t make someone a good DJ. Equally important is ensuring they have the ability and experience to know what to play and when to play it. You can only find this out by checking their references.


Dinner Music



Many disc jockeys offer to play background music during your reception and dinner as part of their contract, or for an additional fee. However, this may not be your best source of music at this time. The reason is that the ideal disc jockey’s setup is intended to concentrate the music in one area (the dance floor) while minimizing the sound in the rest of the room (so you and your guests can talk). This type of set-up does not usually work for background music since those guests close to the speakers must bear music that is far too loud to be considered “background” while those at the other end of the room may not even notice that music is being played. A better solution to your musical needs during your reception and dinner is to hire a performer to play background music or to have the facility play recorded background music through ceiling speakers. This arrangement provides an even and more pleasant distribution of music throughout the room.




Every DJ in the world takes requests, but many just don’t play them! Again, you can only find out whether or not a disc jockey plays requests by checking their references.





Every industry has tools of its trade. In the disc jockey business the tools are sound and lighting equipment (in addition to music already covered above). Professional equipment designed to meet the demands of playing night after night is expensive, but necessary. While it may be difficult to know which equipment is suitable, you should attempt to ensure that your disc jockey has a system that will perform reliably.




Most disc jockeys can provide a range of lighting options. Give consideration to whether or not you want a lighting package in addition to the music. There are times when lighting will enhance a wedding dance, but other times when it is not appropriate. This is very much a personal decision and should be made with consideration given to the preferences of family and guests attending your wedding dance.




Let’s face it, weddings are expensive. You need to make certain you get the best possible price for everything you buy. However, too often professional quality is sacrificed for a low price. Price and quality must be balanced if you hope to get someone you will be pleased with. The old saying, “you get what you pay for” definitely applies in the disc jockey business.

You should expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 for a professional disc jockey service. Additional services, particularly lighting, will cost an additional $100 to $300. Additional time can cost between $25 and $100 per hour.

Our best advice—don’t make your decision entirely on price.

Making the Decision


You must have confidence in your disc jockey’s ability to provide you with the type of service you expect at your wedding. If you’re not sure, keep looking. You don’t need to compromise; invest some time finding a disc jockey service with which you’re comfortable. Use these guidelines and your wedding dance will be a resounding success.


Good luck!

Peek's DJ & Dance Party

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